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Centrikid 2017

This year the theme is “Adventure Awaits!”

Prayer Needs for Centrikid:
-Safety during travel and at camp.
-That everyone would stay healthy.
-Homesickness be kept at bay.
-Energy and patience for the staffers and chaperones.

“Then Jesus said to them again: I am the Light of the world. Anyone who follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

Day 1: Jesus is the One True Light: Campers will learn that Jesus is the only One worth following. By Jesus’ life, we can see all that walking with Him is the best adventure.

Day 2: The Light Reveals Our Need: We see that we are in need of a Savior because of Jesus’ light. He shines His glory and we can understand our brokenenss and need for Him.

Day 3:The Light Shows Us The Way: As a follower of Christ, we trust that we never walk alone. God will lead and guide us in the way we should go when we follow Him.

Day 4: The Light Brings Us Life and The Light Shines Through Us: When we trust God, we are given new life through Him. This abundant life is greater than any adventure we could ever imagine on our own. We are called to share Him with all we meet. We will see how Jesus’ disciples shined and see how we can shine the light of Christ!

We are so grateful to have such a supportive and loving church family! ~ Thank you for your prayers this week as we travel!