Dear Church Family,

It is with a great deal of sadness that I want to share with you that Hardy Dunnington passed away sometime early this morning at home.  Doug Farris and I visited with Lee this morning and she is holding up fairly well.  She has family with her and they are providing support and comfort.   Please lift her and the entire family in prayer.

With some within our church family dealing with severe illness I have been praying that death would not visit our congregation.  Some in our church family had already experienced death within their own families during this time , and it was a difficult experience for them due to the fall out from this awful pandemic.   And so I prayed that God would protect our brothers and sisters from dying during this terrible time because it alters so much the way we normally celebrate a life in our funerals, memorials and interments.  Alas, my prayer was not answered in the way I had hoped.  However, God’s grace is still sufficient and His strength is perfected in our weakness.  We are, in many ways, at our most vulnerable and weakest right now – but that means there is no better time to rely on God’s strength and provision for hope and comfort.  So I ask that you join me and others in our church to pray just for that.

Funeral arrangements are pending with Storke Funeral Home.  

I love and miss all of you,

Pastor Frank