Dear Church Family,

This Sunday we’ll be joining our hearts together as we partake of the Lord’s Supper.  This will be our first time to commune together around the Lord’s table since we re-gathered as a congregation in June, and the last time was in March when we did it “virtually.”  It’s long overdue.  When I think of the sacrifice that our Lord and Savior made I am reminded of a F.F. Bruce quote;

“To die by crucifixion was to plumb to the lowest depths of disgrace; it was punishment reserved for those who were deemed most unfit to live, a punishment for those who were subhuman.  From so degrading a death,  Roman citizens were exempt by ancient statute; the dignity of the Roman name would be besmirched by being brought into association with anything as vile as the Cross.”

And yet even facing such extreme shame, Jesus still did not go back.  The good news of the Gospel is that, Jesus “endured the cross, disregarding the shame.”  The good news is that Jesus disregarded the shame of dying by crucifixion, and in doing so also took our shame upon himself.

Church Family News 

The Lord’s Supper.  We will be remembering the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior in both services on Sunday, October 4thWe have obtained individual communion sets containing juice and a wafer.  These will be made safely available in both services.  However, the wafers are not GF, so a substitute will be made available.

Prayer Ministry.  Daniele Cushing has been burdened to help our church grow in intercessory prayer.  Here are the opportunities to gather for prayer:

  • Sunday mornings at 9am in the Philathea room with Pastor Frank. We will be praying for our morning worship services as well as for our church.  If you cannot join us, you can call in using the number and code below.
  • Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm via phone. This is a change from 7pm.   The phone number remains as:

712-432-8399 and the access code is:  279785#


Trunk or Treat.  Last year’s “Trunk or Treat” event was spectacular.  With about 16 “trunks” and dozens of volunteers, we touched and ministered to hundreds of BG and Caroline residents.  Like many other things this year, our event will look very different.  However, we still have an opportunity to reach our community, just like last year, albeit in a smaller and safer way.  With that in mind we have scheduled our Trunk or Treat event for Saturday, October 31st (time TBD).  Consequently, we need donations and I mean lots of donations of candy.  Since we will be distributing the candy in small bags and not from common buckets, you are encouraged to bring your donations already stuffed in a small zip-lock type of bag.  But if you don’t have time for that, just bring the bags of candy and our team of volunteers will bag it.


  1. Remember in prayer:
    1. Chris Caldwell and family in the death of his Mother.
    2. Members of our church family facing surgeries and other life issues.
    3. All our frontline workers, in and out of our church, who work hard each day serving and protecting us during this pandemic.

I love you all,

Pastor Frank