Dear Church Family,

As many of you know I grew up in Florida and one of my favorite hobbies was surfing!  I lived just a few miles from the beach and even before I could drive I would grab my surfboard and hitchhike, yes that’s right, hitchhike, out to the beach.  Surfing is fun and addictive.  There’s nothing like catching a big wave and using its force to propel you toward the beach.  Riding the crest of the wave before it “closes out” is exhilarating.  There’s just one thing.  Before you can catch that wave you have to paddle out directly into those waves that keep crashing on you and around you.  If you let them, they will beat you back and beat you down and you’ll never get out beyond the breaking waves in order to catch that “perfect” wave.  So, you can’t let yourself get caught up in the crashing waves.  Instead you have to dive under the crashing wave, while staying on your surfboard or jump those waves all the while keeping your head up and looking out beyond the oncoming waves.  And then, if you can do that, you may experience the pure joy of riding wave after wave, growing stronger, developing balance, and becoming more skilled every day.  One thing I learned from those heady days of beach life and surf riding; a smooth ocean never made for a skilled surfer and a struggle-free existence never make for a meaningful, great life. 

These past few months we have faced difficult situation after difficult situation and I want you to know that there is more than what is immediately in front of you.  There is a challenge, a lesson, and a plan.  Emerson said, “The wise man in the storm prays to God, not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear.”  As we continue to navigate this pandemic, let’s not let fear overtake us.  But let’s not throw caution to the wind either.  Just don’t let fear get in the way of a life that is meant for you.  Trust that there is a plan for you and let the possibilities unfold.  Even during this difficult time.



  1. Our prayer time continues on Sunday mornings at 11:30am and Wednesdays at 7pm.  Call: 712-432-8399 and when prompted enter the following code: 279785# 
  1. Our office remains open on Mondays from 9am-1pm. Calls are to the office are being forwarded to Judy’s cell phone number.  If she doesn’t answer, keep calling.   You can also reach me at 703-405-7881 (cell).  Or via email:
  1. This Sunday, May 31, we will continue with our pre-recorded on-line Contemporary Worship Service (CWS) at 10:00am.  Then starting June 7th we will go live with on-line streaming of the service.  I am excited to share with you that Doug Farris and our production team have been hard at work upgrading our recording and streaming capabilities.  We hope to be able to broadcast our service on other platforms like YouTube as well as on Facebook and have set June 7th as our target date.  Additionally, we are making plans to broadcast the CWS in the Sanctuary if we should exceed the number of people in the FMC.




With the loosening of restrictions by the Governor, we will soon be able to gather together as a church.  Starting June 7th @ 9:30am we will be coming together for our CWS in the FMC.  Our capacity will be 60 attendees.  Then on June 21st @ 11am we will begin our Traditional Worship Service (TWS) at 11am in the Sanctuary.  As we begin worshipping under the same roof, we will follow to the best of ability the social distancing protocols handed down by the Commonwealth.  There will be no Sunday School, no Children’s Church, no child care, and no Café.  Please read the detailed plan that I sent out last week via email and is posted on the website and church’s Facebook page.  We also have copies available on the door by the FMC and office.

Needless to say I miss all of you and can’t wait to see all of you in the very near future.

I love you all,

Pastor Frank