Dear Church Family

Has anyone ever asked you what your “disposition” is?  Not sure what I mean.  Well let’s look at the dictionary definition; one’s customary frame of mind, or as one’s nature or temperament.”  Your disposition is not something you occasionally choose to do; your disposition is who you are and how you behave on a normal and on-going basis.  So, does the bible say anything about having a “Christian disposition.”  As they used to say on the TV show “Laugh In” (yes, I’m dating myself), “You bet your sweet bippy.”

The words of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 really serves as a basis for a “Christian disposition.”  That is to say that the three behaviors or attitudes set forth in these three brief verses should shape the way in which we as Christians face and function every day.  The instructions are short and succinct, but they are also profoundly transformational when we put them into action.  Here they are; “rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  Wow!  How different would our lives be if we could or if we would incorporate these three steps into daily lives.  Not only would they enhance our relationship with God, but they would equip us with an irrepressible Christian disposition.  Which is just what we need in these difficult times!




It’s happening!  It’s coming!  It’s time!  WE ARE GOING TO HAVE OUR ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC this Sunday, August 16th at Pitts Pond.  Essentially it begins whenever you get there.  If you attend the early service that ends just before 11am, go ahead and head out there and have fun!


Here is some other things to know:

  • Bring your own picnic lunch to include beverages
  • The pond and everything in it is open and available. So, come prepared to swim and play!
  • The pavilion is open but has limited seating as we will be spreading out. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.
  • Surrounding grounds are available for seating. Bring your camp chairs and blankets.  Masks are optional.
  • Bottled water will be made available





  1. Office Hours: 
    1. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am-1pm. You can call the church office and leave a message or you can also reach me at 703-405-7881 (cell). Or via email:
  1. Remember in prayer:
    1. Debbie (DeeDee) Thomas as she deals with a minor medical issue.
    2. Members of our church family facing surgeries and other life issues.
    3. All our frontline workers, in and out of our church, who work hard each day serving and protecting us during this pandemic.

I love you all,

Pastor Frank