I was born August 17, 1943, on a small farm in western Tennessee and raised a country boy.  I have “always” attended church. Mama attended while pregnant with me; she and I attended regularly thereafter (Daddy was a good man, but not a Christian).  My Christian journey began at a revival meeting in August 1956; my Dad’s shortly after.  He and I were baptized in the COLD Big Sandy River on the same day.

I am a first-term deacon at Bowling Green Baptist, but served at Mt. Ararat (Garrisonville, Va.) several years ago.  My church service has included Sunday school teacher (about 35 years at 3 churches) and church treasurer (Iowa and now BGBC).  I am an automation nut, so I am often found in the church office looking for situations where a few lines of computer programming can simplify repetitive tasks in the office.

While at college, God brought the offer of a job with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (I didn’t apply for it) that would prove to be my employment for the next 51 years.  Another huge God-moment occurred in October 1969, when a lovely woman (Nancy) got a job where I was working in Lansing, Michigan.  After a whirlwind courtship, we got married January 9, 1970 (yes, only three months; but I think it is going to work).  We were blessed with the privilege of raising two boys and six girls (four live in the Fredericksburg/Bowling Green area).  The family tree branches to include 19 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren!

Nancy and I are relative new-comers at Bowling Green Baptist, joining a few weeks after we moved to Bowling Green, September 2013.  We are enjoying our small house and lot (easier to manage with diminishing physical resources) and appreciate its closeness to the church.  We enjoy Sunday lunch with family and making use of our travel trailer.

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