I was born and raised in Central PA, close to both Three Mile Island and Hershey’s Chocolate World, before bouncing around for about a decade as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.  In 2015 coaching brought my family, Heather Vincent and Ian, and I to Bowling Green.  Shortly after relocating to VA I transitioned from working in athletics to academia and we started attending BGBC, both of which have been blessings from God.  Outside of family, my loves in life are lifting weights, good music and challenging myself to learn and grow outside of my comfort zones.  As a Coach I worked to help athletes become the best version of themselves for sport.  As an instructor at VCU I help students do the same for life.  As a Deacon I hope to be an example of Godly virtue and help members of the community grow in their personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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