Twenty five years ago, after I watched my wife be baptized with very little interest, I was lead to Christ by a classmate who walked me down the “Romans Road” in the Bible. I was soon swept up in the small group discipleship of a start-up church.  It was the “Promise Keepers” era (1994) and “Men’s Fellowship”.  The Spirit and the discipleship changed “my interests” into street ministry.  Think of it as “full contact worship”.  When I meet you I will challenge your comfort zone.  I will tell you about Romans 12:1-3.  Hmm, why wait?  You- 1, Get a view of God’s mercy. 2, Show up. 3, Sacrifice “your time” to serve people. In this way you prove to yourself what the will of God is and discover what is perfect.  This will change the way you evaluate. God has already given you the faith to do this. This is how I have served para-church organizations for decades as a volunteer in any capacity; rescue mission and prison ministry preaching and worship leading, group leads for “Walk to Emmaus”, “Kairos”, and “Epiphany” juvenile prison 3rd-day events, and Bible education to adults. At BGBC I assist Joseph Pack with Sunday School for Cross Roads youth Bible study and for first and second grades with Children’s Church.

Do you need to go back to sleep now? Charles is happily married to Mrs. Daniele Cushing, his loving wife of 30-ish years. They have two adult children; Mr. Joshua Cushing, and a newly married daughter, Mrs. Erin Himeno and son in law Mr. Shohei Himeno.  Charles and his sister Miss. Christine Cushing are natives of Bowling Green.  Charles attended Caroline and Fredericksburg schools, Mary Washington College (1983), and Logan College learning computer science and human biology for his professional interests.  His day job is Process Quality Management in a local high-tech company.

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